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Personalized Learning

Description: Personalized learning is one of the most sought after practices in education today, but progress with this movement has been slow given the myriad of interpretations that advocate for how best to turn the theory behind this movement into practice. Within that larger conversation, Andrew advocates for personalized practices that foster learner agency, increase educational equity, and shift the learner to the center of the learning process. Andrew is a unique voice within the personalized learning community as he brings over 10 years of classroom experience with personalization along with a wealth of implementation ideas and examples from his time collaborating and co-designing lessons and units with educators from across the K-12 landscape. His professional development trainings provide educators with not only the WHY behind personalization, but also a design process for getting started and growing this work over time. His model effectively balances the teacher’s need for guidance and clarity with the fundamental principles of personalization which seeks to empower teachers through ownership and agency in their own professional growth. In every segment of the personalized learning trainings, Andrew is deliberate about modeling the practices he promotes, making the sessions both informative and engaging. Educators will leave with a rich understanding of personalized learning as a pedagogical philosophy, with an organizer that offers a flexible design process that any teacher can follow, and with a wealth of examples, handouts, resources, and practical tips that teachers can immediately implement into their classroom.

Innovative Ways to Utilize the Power of Video for Digital Learning

Description: The use of video content as a part of the learning process has traditionally been relegated to flipped learning opportunities, whole-class movie marathons, and/or the occasional EdPuzzle formative assignment. That said, video as a medium for learning is dramatically underutilized in classrooms today, and this session/workshop will help educators unlock the full power of video content in any classroom. This training will support teachers in the development of their own pieces of video content with insights for everything from what tech to use, how to set up to shoot, editing tips and tricks, and most importantly, how to implement instructional video content and/or video directions to empower learners to personalize their learning along with the pace.

Flexible Learning Spaces Design

Description: Learning space design is about so much more than learner comfort, choice in chairs, and Pinterest-worthy classroom makeovers. In this training, educators will learn how to flexibly utilize the furniture in their current learning space to amplify the effectiveness of their lesson design, optimize learner productivity, and foster learner agency. This session will breakdown learning spaces into two separate conversations, flexible seating versus flexible stations, in order to equip educators with a mindset that transforms the way they think about utilizing their classroom furniture to enhance learning. 

Games in Education

Description: In 2019, the global gaming market is expected to hit over $152 billion dollars in revenue, which is a testament to that industry’s ability to appeal to and engage consumers. By utilizing the research gathered for game design in the gaming market, educators can transform their classroom experiences into games to garner similar levels of interest and excitement in an educational context. This session (or workshop), details the difference between gamification and game-based learning and delves into the research done on gamer-types to discuss how we can create educational experiences that appeal to a variety of competitive styles. Educators will outline a framework for building a game narrative, and then will explore game mechanics that can be leveraged to make the game appealing to all learners, to create authentic learning experiences, and to foster a positive classroom climate with rich collaboration.